The ZT-ST5 & ZT-ST5/10 stand-alone photoelectric residential smoke alarms are NF approved and can be calibrated to either UL, BSI or VdS requirements.
They feature VdS and UL-approved photoelectric sensing components with precise smoke detection and long life operation (1 year life with a 3V lithium battery) or (10 years with a 3V long life lithium battery). A proved quality with 10 million pieces installed over the world. Russian standard model available too.
The ZT-TH5 stand-alone heat detector was designed with precise microprocessor control integrating both Rate-of- Rise and Fixed Temperature heat detection.
It’s perfectly suitable for installation in all environments especially the kitchen, garage, factory etc. The ZT-TH5 uses a 9V alkaline battery and meets EN 54-5 standards.

Technical Specifications

Model ZT-ST5 ZT-ST5/10 ZT-TH5
Part Number 47-037 47-037-10 47-035
Smoke Sensitivity (2.31 ± 1.37)% / ft Obscuration (UL standard) 0.010 dB/m to 0.160 dB/m (VdS EN 14604)
Power supply 3V lithium battery 3V long life lithium battery 9V alkaline battery
Battery life 1 Year 10 Years 1 Year
Low battery life Up to 30 days warning signal
Alarm indicator Continuously emitting red light Red LED Flashing
Alarm sound level 85dB at 3m Exceeding 85dB at 3m
Operating Temp. 0°C to 50°C
Humidity 10% to 95%RH, no condensation or icing
Interconnection Up to 38 units


• Photoelectric sensing technology (ZT-ST5 & ZT-ST5/10)
• Electronic thermistor sensing technology (ZT-TH5)
• Easy installation and maintenance.
• Sealed Battery case of the back available (with 10- year Li Battery model)
• Sleek low-profile design
• SMD circuit board design – quality and reliability guaranteed
• Low-battery warning
• Test button verifies battery and alarm operation
• Loud alarm signal of exceeding 85 dB in alarm mode
• Five-year limited warranty
• HUSH button, to stop the alarm from sounding
• 10-year Long-life lithium battery (ZT-ST5/10 only)
• The power supply will be cut out automatically when removing the detector from the base


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