Zeta Fyreye MkII Addressable Smoke Detectors

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The Fyreye MKII optical smoke detector (MKII-AOP) uses a pulsing IR LED & photodiode to detect IR scatter caused by smoke entering the chamber.

The detector is particularly suitable for detecting optically dense smoke, involving materials such as soft furnishings, PVC, plastic, foam and all similar materials which produce small visible particles (0.5 to 10μm)


• Designed to meet EN54 requirement
• Lockable to base to stop unauthorised removal
• Remote LED output
• 8 LEDs for improved, 360° visibility
• Compatible with all Fyreye MkII bases
• Addressed with dip switches or hand-held programmer


Technical Specifications

Part No. 80-210 80-210/B 80-216 80-216/B
Detector Class Optical Smoke Combined Smoke & Heat A1
Design Standard EN54 part 7 EN54 parts 5 & 7
Approval LPCB
Operating Voltage 17 to 28V DC
Quiescent Current 500μA
Alarm Current @ 24V DC 5mA
Operating Temp. (°C) -10 to +50°C -10 to +50°C
Min. Continuous Temp. 0°C
Max. Humidity 95% RH non-condensing
Alarm Condition 0.09dB/m to 0.11dB/m 0.09dB/m to 0.12dB/m

Fixed heat trigger @ 57°C

Coverage 100m² 100m²
IP Rating IP43
Start-up Time 10 Seconds
Size (with Base) 100 x 49 mm 100 x 59 mm
Weight (with Base) 75g (133g)
Remote Output 5mA at 24VDC




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