Smart Lighting

Off-Field’s smart lighting is designed for energy efficiency and intelligent automation control.

The Smart Experience Center

Visit our Home Automation Experience Center today and experience first hand the possibilities of an intelligent, automated, smart home. Immerse yourself in the ultimate smart home experience. You will never be the same again!

Home Automation

Home Automation systems give you centralized control of lighting, AC, windows, home entertainment, security systems and other appliances. Smart Home Automation delivers luxury, comfort, convenience, entertainment, security, safety and energy savings.

Web & Mobile Development

Get the best responsive website designs and mobile application development that will look great on all PCs and mobile devices. We’re a full-service Web Hosting company in Nigeria with flexible packages; we are focused on user-friendly designs and robust fucntionality.

Security Solutions

Wired & wireless home security systems and solutions for the security & safety of your family and the continuity of your business. We provide high performance IP CCTV security cameras, wireless home & office security systems, Access Control, Fire and Burglar Alarm.

Electricals & Power

Off-Field’s Electrical Contracting Division (ECD) specializes in electrical installation design and maintenance, intelligent electric power solutions and services, testing and commissioning of electrical systems & services across various aspects; from specification through tenders, CAD drawings, design calculations and final O & M handover documentation.

Extra-Low Voltage (ELV) Works

We deliver all types of extra low voltage (ELV) services. Most low voltage systems work in isolation but we have the expertise to converge all of the unique systems so that they provide uniform data that represent the true state of your facility at any given time. From Protected, Functional, and Separated extra-low voltage (PELV, FELV & SELV), to Stand-alone Power Systems.

Information & Communication Technology

We are a leading information technology company providing a wide range of information technology management solutions. We execute large and integrated information technology jobs with teams drawn from various IT disciplines for the benefit of our clients. Our approach enhances the true meaning of ICT.

Experience Home Automation Live!

3D Home Theater – Visit Our Showroom

We invite you to visit our smart home automation center and experience first hand what an automated smart house feels like. Immerse yourself in our HD 5D 200-inch Home Theater, play with our smart light app from your mobile phone, motorized blinds and windows, and feel the soul-quaking multiroom audio entertainment. It’s free and our experience experts will help you model a system for your home. When it comes to home automation and security systems, no one does it better than Off-Field. Don’t waste your time and money on systems that won’t work – experience automation first hand!

Home Automation - 3D Home Theater

Lighting Control

Smart lighting control is the beauty of any home automation system. Smart sensors automatically dim or turn off lights when a room is unoccupied, and adjusts lighting brightness levels to achieve a preferred mood or scene.

Air conditioner (AC) Control

Remotely monitor and adjust the status of the air conditioners in your house. Our home automation climate control systems offer the biggest benefits in energy savings for your facility. Up to 45%!

Home Theater

Enjoy immersive home theater experience with 200-inch full HD, 5D home theatre; and wireless surround sound. We can convert existing family room or set up professionally designed home theater in your basement.

Huge Energy Savings!

Home Automation provides robust energy management and power savings. Monitor and reduce energy consumption of electrical devices in your property, save a lot of money whilst retaining full comfort and convenience.

Curtains & Blinds Control

Home automation systems intuitively control motorized curtains, drapes and window blinds to add distinction to any living space and are great for home theaters too! Your curtains are so easy to use, you’ll find yourself using them more.

Music & Video Distribution

Search videos, music, photos from one central hub and play them independently or synchronously in any or all rooms in your home in a multiroom matrix. Enjoy wireless surround sound music from your wireless speakers.

Installed Devices


Webpages Designed


Speed Dome PTZ CCTV Cameras Pole-Mounted

CCTV Cameras

Which CCTV camera fits your project – spy camera, IP camera? We have the most extensive collection of CCTV security cameras for all video surveillance applications.

Security Systems

IP Surveillance Icon

IP Surveillance (CCTV)

High Definition home or office CCTV camera system that you can monitor from anywhere on well structured layouts on your mobile device. From IP cameras, spy cameras, hidden cameras to other types of security cameras and recorders, we provide modern video surveillance solutions.
Access Control Icon

Access Control

Flexible Access control packages that integrate with your CCTV  and other security systems. We enhance your access control and time & attendance systems with biometric access control and other affordable reader types – fingerprint locks, RF, MiFare, etc. Easy enrollments with fingerprint scanners
Alarm System Icon

Alarm Systems

Intelligent burglar alarm systems that integrate with your home automation and security camera system and will alert you of any unwarranted intrusion. Alarm state changes can be triggered via schedules, remote arming or key-switch controls. We also stock wireless panic alarm systems.
Fire Alarm Hose Reel Icon

Fire Alarm

Our fire alarm system will protect your people and assets; from early detection to notification and suppression. We have conventional and addressable smoke detectors and sounders, fire extinguishers, sounders, manual call points, etc.
Rising Road Barrier Icon

Anti-Terrorism Equipment

We source and bring to the African market some of the most cost-effective and robust specialist security and anti-terrorism equipment available.
Identity Management Icon

Identity and Access Management

Our identity and access management solutions enable the right individuals to access the right resources at the right times for the right reasons, in any organization or home.

Security & Safety

Peace of mind is what you get with our home automation and security systems – monitor and control the safety and security of your home from anywhere. From your mobile device, you can activate the alarm system, CCTV security cameras, close all window blinds, turn on exterior lights and lock all entrance doors. Home or away!

Responsive Website Design

Fluid website designs for all devices.

Mobile Application Development

The future is mobile. Get on board! Give your users a great experience.

Web Hosting

Flexible packages for personal, SME & big business.
Responsive Web Design and Web Hosting

Home Automation is the Future

Be a part of the tomorrow.

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