Multi-room A/V

Whole-House Music & Video.
Immersive HD Entertainment!

We offer the best multi-room A/V systems. Distribute HD music and video across your home without having additional equipment in the rooms – just TV and speakers. Control is easy, from any part of your home. Or while you are on the move.

Search videos, music, photos from one central hub and play them independently or synchronously in any or all rooms in your home in a multi-room matrix. Enjoy wireless surround sound music from your sonos wireless speakers or home theater system.

home cinema
home cinema

Multi-room A/V is about convenience.

The convenience of having the music and video you want, when you want it, where you want it. The convenience of sharing your music and video with your family and friends!

Home automation brings together your DSTV, Free-to-Air, local stations, Receiver, Blu-ray and DVD collection, Youtube and other streaming media to one central hub that can be distributed independently or synchronously through out the rooms in your home.

We can distribute full HDTV throughout your home, with unlimited number of screens each having independent control of remotely located source equipment.

We also implement commercial video-on-demand (VOD) and IPTV solutions for hotels and apartment buildings.

Multi-room A/V

Control from Anywhere

What’s more… you access and control everything from your mobile device. Watch one thing in many rooms or different things in each room. Total freedom!

Let your music and video follow you around your home and beyond.

Stream video from online sources. Get an unlimited supply of music from the Cloud.

Soul-shaking surround sound that fills your space and immerses you in the moment.

Watch and listen to what you want, where you want, when you want.

Enjoy audiophile sound for music, movies, TV.

Full integration with your Home Theater.

Off-Field’s multi-room A/V systems offer the ultimate listening experience filling your home with beautiful, soul-piercing sound. Just pick up any control interface like your android or iphone and send the music you love to discrete in-wall and in-ceiling speakers in any or all rooms in your home.

Select music from your mobile device or from a central storage that serves the whole house. Play same music in one room or all rooms; play different music in different rooms at the level you prefer.

With our home automation systems, wow your guest who arrives while you are away by playing their choice music or movie in the lounge or guestroom from your mobile device.

Choose from a collection of intelligent music and video systems that are fully integrated with your home entertainment center. Your entire music and video collection stored on a central drive, multiple radio stations all available in every room at the touch of a button, all together or independent of each other.

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