Innovative Data Networking Solutions.

Data Networking.

A new epoch of data networking.

Off-field is a leading IT solution provider. We help enterprise customers minimize IT complexity by designing, implementing, supporting, and managing innovative solutions for end user computing, data center, networking, cloud and managed services.

Our approach to networking is greatly influenced by our strong systems integration bias. We design computer networks for resilience, availability, scalablity and data security. Data assets are critical to the success of today’s business. We can help your organization upgrade or change the way data is shared, stored and secured across board.


Network Design

Scalable and cost-effective designs with a strong focus on our clients’ technical requirements.


Robust Support

Robust support philosophy because we know it is important that your network runs without issues.


Call Center Solutions

Powerful management tools with monitoring, queuing, statistics and integration with CRM.



Built for maximum flexibility and interoperability on all switched network topologies.

Wireless Router for Data Networking

Powerful Integration.

Our solutions are robust across all network types – LAN, WAN, wired, wireless, fibre optics, etc. It doesn’t matter. We work hard to develop smart, cutting-edge data solutions for businesses that span multiple markets and industry segments.

We boast probably the best team of data networking professionals in the country. We strive to accomplish your goals on time and within budget. You can rest easy and focus on your core business because we provide safe and reliable networking solutions to lower the risks associated with data transport and security.

Ready for tomorrow’s network experience?

High performance copper and optical fiber cabling solutions for Data Centers, Local Area Networks and converged low voltage applications.

Network Switch with Multicolored Ports
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