Thermal imaging systems are poised to play an important role in helping governments and organizations prevent the spread of coronavirus  and fast-track the reopening of the economy and society by quickly and accurately identifying people with elevated body temperatures (suspected fever).


Thermal body temperature measurement cameras provide quick and accurate measurements of body temperature on the go for staff and guests to your facility so as to easily identify people with elevated body temperatures which is a key symptom of COVID-19. Thus, it provides your organizations or facility with an additional layer of protection from increased exposure to the dreaded coronavirus. The system attains extreme accuracy by combining with a thermal blackbody and works by measuring how much heat people emit relative to their surroundings.

When combined with an access control system (door locks, turnstiles, barriers, etc.), it can grant access to people who are within normal temperature reading and to deny access to anyone who has an elevated temperature and thus qualifies for additional screening.

Globally, governments are responding to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, placing restrictions on their citizens’ movements and providing guidance on the key symptoms associated with the disease and the basic hygiene required to reduce the spread of the virus. The primary aim is to reduce the reproduction number (Rₒ) of COVID-19 by limiting contact between groups of people as much as possible. One of the key symptoms is an increased body temperature or fever. By providing a no-contact, automated means to speed up screening for feverish workers or visitors on a protected premises who could be infected with the dreaded coronavirus, Thermal cameras are thus equipped to help governments and organizations prevent the spread of COVID-19 and fast-track the reopening of the economy and society.

Off-Field is the official Dahua Partner in Nigeria and will fully support new and existing customers wherever they are in Nigeria – Abuja, Lagos, Port Harcourt, any city.

Speed and Accuracy

Speeds up screening for feverish workers or visitors on your premises who could be infected with the dreaded coronavirus.


Behavioral Benefits

Deployment may encourage positive behaviour with staff or visitors more likely to stay at home when they are unwell with a fever.

Crowd Access Control

Integrate with access control system  to deny access to persons with suspicious readings and refer them for further assessment.

Enhanced Protection

Provide organizations with an additional layer of protection to their facility from increased exposure to the coronavirus.

Safer Checks for all

Non-invasive method to check body temperature; at faster rates than hand-held scanners and at a greater (potentially safer) distance for personnel.

Advance Signaling

High Temperature Alerts displayed on-screen, real-time with buzzer and light signalers.


Uncooled Vox Technology

Small size, cost-effective and better performance for thermal security applications.

High Sensitivity

Ensures the cameras capture more image details and temperature difference information.

Active Deterrence

Alerts operators and initiates appropriate action; flasher, buzzer and on-screen display combination . When integrated with access control, can deny access.


An all-in-one solution that is beneficial for rapid multi-person body temperature measurement, effective in keeping the economy open during and post-COVID-19.


Thermal Camera

* 256×192 VOx uncooled thermal sensor tech.
* Athermalized Lens (thermal cam), Focus-free
* 1/2.8” 2MP progressive scan Sony cmos
* Support ROI, Motion Detection, Color Palettes
* Support body temperature measurement
*Measurement Accuracy: ±0.3°C, /w blackbody
* Active deterrence with white light & siren
* Built-in 2/2 alarm in/out
* Micro SD memory, IP67, PoE

Black Body

The calibration device that maintains a constant temperature as a reference point for the thermal camera; ensures the thermal camera can present the most accurate, continuous, contactless, and non-invasive temperature monitoring.

*Default calibration temp. 35.0°C (95°F)
*Range Ambient temp.+5.0°C (9.00°F) to *50.0°C (122°F)
*Resolution 0.1°C (0.18°F)
*Accuracy ±0.2°C (0.36°F)

Intelligent Video Server / NVR

DeepSense series with the most advanced AI technologies, including deep learning algorithms that primarily target people and vehicles, providing higher flexibility and accuracy for end-users. AI Features include Face Recognition, ANPR, Metadata, People Counting, traffic data statistics, etc.

DSS Pro Software

* Unified TPC device management
* Real-time temperature display
* Rich alarm linkage for TPC events
* Multiple clients login
* Easy-to-Use and Reliable VMS
* GPU decoding
* Automatically Backup and restore


We can support your operations anywhere in Nigeria (Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt, any city in Nigeria) with customized thermal imaging solutions. 

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