The Internet of Things.

Hotel Automation

The internet of things. Close the curtains, lower the lights, and adjust the sound in your home theater with just one touch to your remote, smartphone, or in-wall control touchscreens. From anywhere!

Control. In your pocket.

Hotel automation enables hotel owners to provide their guests the convenience of controlling multiple functions in their rooms such as lighting, security, music, video, air conditioner (AC), other HVAC, curtains and blinds with one easy-to-use bedside touchscreen interface, much like home automation.

With the same interface, your guests can make requests for housekeeping and room service, giving them the unprecedented ability to create an environment and experience, perfectly suited for their stay.

Plug Waste. Increase Profits.

A smart hotel is a green hotel and can help you reduce your energy bills significantly, while also empowering your guest to create their own perfect environment. That’s Increased Profits!

Enhance Guest Experience.

Today’s hotel guests expect a luxury experience whilst staying in premium accomodation. And increasingly, guests want to take control of all aspects of their stay with the touch of a button.

Management Made Easy.

Hotel automation puts the control and management of your hotel in your hands. With one click a manager can see the live status of every aspect of the hotel – occupancy, service, utility, etc,.

Hotel Automation Bedside Panel

A new era of Hotel Management.

Importantly, the system also gives hotel staff and management control of every aspect of a hotel environment including guest rooms and public areas to help reduce labor and utility costs, improve service, optimize facility usage and save energy. These add up to improved guest satisfaction, increased profits through cost savings, and brand loyalty.


Hotel Automation

Satisfied Guests. Increased Profits.

Hotel Automation addresses the different problems that hotels face these days, firstly, in relation to the way the hotel staff interacts with the guest and the speed with which guest requests are handled. Secondly, in relation to the enhancement of the ultimate in-room guest experience; and lastly the all important need to access information about the critical operational status of the hotel at any given time including room occupancy, infrastructure and energy management, all geared towards huge energy and cost savings.

The integration of the guest rooms with the hotel property management system enables hotel staff to monitor and control HVAC based on occupancy to reduce energy costs, attend to guest’s requests instantly for improved services, fast cool room air-conditioning for comfort when the guest checks-in, monitor guest’s departure for cleaning service, etc..

Bedside Touch Panel
Bedside Touch Panel
  • Centralize, control and automate the electrical and mechanical components of your hotel.
  • Seamless integration with HVAC, lighting, mini bar, door locks, computerized maintenance management system and guest room management systems.
  • A smart hotel is a green hotel and can help you reduce your energy bills significantly, while also empowering your guest to create their own perfect environment.
  • Bedside Smart-Hotel TouchPanel.
  • Mood Lighting & Dimming.
  • Climate / Temperature (AC) Control
  • Media Streaming / Video-on-Demand
  • Controlled Power Outlets
  • Intelligent Door Bell & Access Reader
  • Interactive in-room guest feedback
  • Reduced energy consumption and utility costs normally wasted on empty rooms
  • Room status monitoring such as Do-not-Disturb, Laundry, Clean Room, & Guest occupancy.

Happy customers.

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