Curtain Automation

Smart Blinds & Drapery.
Decor & Functionality Unite!

Curtain automation (or motorized curtains) work with most types of curtains and window blinds – lined curtains, unlined curtains, thermal curtains, blackout curtains, drapery, and for special types of blinds.

Curtain Automation

Motorized curtains add distinction to any living space. They are great for home theaters too!

Off-Field’s curtain automation enhance your lifestyle by making your curtains so easy to use, you’ll find yourself using them more. Getting up to manually open or close your curtains can be tiresome. Well, you don’t have to. Our curtain automation system provides smart, automatic control of your curtains using the weather and light intensity. Additionally you can remotely control your curtain via your smartphone or in-wall touch controls.

Curtain Automation
smart air conditioner features

Save Big!

Our drapery controls are as beautiful as they are functional. If you don’t trust our aesthetic ability, don’t worry, we will work with your preferred interior decorator to enhance any space from dramatic and bold to contemporary and chic.

smart air conditioner features

Intelligent Operation

Curtain automation can integrate with A/C and smart lighting systems to improve energy efficiency, reduce the demands on the cooling systems and prevent damage to expensive furnishings from over exposure to harmful UV rays.

smart air conditioner features

Auto Adjustment

Additionally, motorized curtains last longer because the wear and tear associated with manual operation is eliminated. This prolongs the look and life of your motorized curtains regardless of the fabric type you choose.

Curtain Automation

Control from Anywhere

Close the blinds in your living room while opening the shades in the kitchen. Pre-set blinds to close during the midday sun to keep the interior cool, conserve energy, and protect expensive furnishing.

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