The Internet of Things.

Home Automation

The internet of things. Close the curtains, lower the lights, and adjust the sound in your home theater with just one touch to your remote, smartphone, or in-wall control touchscreens. From anywhere!
Control. In your pocket.
Home Automation systems give you centralized control of lighting, AC, windows, home entertainment, security systems and other appliances. Smart Home Automation delivers luxury, comfort, convenience, entertainment, security, safety and energy savings.
Programmed like you.
Pre-programmed scenes provide you with powerful options. Choose “Watch A Movie” and instantly the lights dim, the volume and equalizers reset to just what you want, and the home cinema screen comes alive.
Life becomes easier.
Press the “Home” button as you walk through the door to turn on specific lights in the house, set a pre-determined temperature, play your favorite music, and activate the jets to your hot tub.
Automatic Controls.
Tap the “Away” button as you leave the house to automatically turn off specific lights, close shades, turn off the air conditioners and activate your security system.

Home Automation

Built Today. Designed for Tomorrow.

The scalability of our automation systems makes them future-proof and enables you to adapt to changing innovations in the dynamic internet of things marketplace without having to replace your existing automation components.
Home Automation Mobile Control Interface
A new era of Living is here.

Smart Home Automation makes your home safer, more secure, and easier to manage. You can control lights, security systems, garage doors, and even your heating and air conditioning. From a thousand miles away, you can see who’s at the door, set the airconditioner to your preferred temperature, adjust your sprinkler system, open and close your garage door, assign temporary security codes for deliveries and workers, even warm up the Jacuzzi before your arrival home.

A Unique Selling Point for New Homes.

Home Automation can provide a unique selling point for any new development. We partner with Architects, Builders and Property Developers on the development and installation of smart home automation into a variety of private and commercial projects. Automation systems will add great value to your projects as your properties become more functional and energy efficient thus saving home owners money in the process. Make it your unique selling point, partner with us to bring it to life!

Home Automation COntrol Interface on Tablet
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