Professional Counter-Terrorism Equipment.

Anti-Terrorism & High Security Solutions

Anti-terrorism Solutions

Deter, Detect, Deny, Disrupt, Defend.

We source and bring to the African market some of the most cost-effective and robust specialist security and anti-terrorism equipment available. Our graded selections cover explosives detection and mitigation, surveillance and counter-surveillance, communications, personal protection, police and special forces, electromechanical barriers, amongst others.

Rather than foist non-specific stock, we prefer to work together with our clients to understand their peculiar usage scenario, and then provide equipment that offers the best value in terms of functionality, efficiency, cost-effectiveness. We can supply to authorized military, federal, state and local agencies.

Anti-Terrorism Barrier


Anti-terrorism Bomb Detector

EOD / Bomb Detection

Anti-Explosion Film. Shatter-Resistant Window Film (SRWF)

Anti-Explosion Films

X-ray Baggage Scanners


Bulletproof Body Armor

Body Armor

Security Communication Equipment


Personal Alarm Tracker

Personal Protection

Counter Surveillance

Surveillance & Counter-Surveillance

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