Air Conditioner Automation

Superior, Smart Comfort.
Save Big on Utility Bills.

Home automation provides you with a unique way to control your air conditioner, conserve energy and cut down your utility bills.

Enjoy superior comfort all the way!

Exert superior climate control throughout your home or property with our Climate automation systems.

Set your preferred temperature for specific rooms, the entire home, or different times-of-day and our automation systems will maintain that profile automatically.

You need something different from your preferred profile? Easy. Pick up your mobile device, select a room and adjust with simple touch controls.

smart air conditioner features


Heading home from work on a hot day? Just turn on the air conditioner in a particular room and set your preferred temperature from your mobile device before you leave the office or on your way home.

smart air conditioner features

Intelligent Operation

When there is no one in a room, your air conditioner turns off automatically after a set delay, thus saving you tonnes of energy and money. You can always set things manually whenever you desire.

smart air conditioner features

Auto Adjustment

Our home automation system integrate with thermostats and automated window shades to improve energy efficiency and reduce the demands on your air conditioner. Thus leading to huge savings on your utility bill.

Smart Air Conditioner

Control from Anywhere

Remotely monitor and adjust the climate and air conditioning status throughout the house while away from home using our customizable home automation app on your Android or iPhone®.

Keep an eye on the utility bill.
Smart Usage Logs

Increase comfort, save energy.

Cool your room before you get home from work or a trip.

A smart home is a green home.

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