Energy Management

Monitor Energy Usage.
Save Big on Utility Bills.

Energy management is at the heart of our home automation controls. Energy management solutions optimize your building’s energy use by optimally controlling load equipment in the house like air conditioner, water heater and refrigerator. It can also integrate with renewable energy sources such as solar power.

Effective visualization of energy consumption and load equipment information in the home.

With our home automation systems you gain a very robust energy management. You are able to monitor and reduce energy consumption of electrical devices in your property thus saving a lot of money whilst retaining full comfort and convenience.

Monitor Your Power Consumption. Assess live and historical data of energy usage and production. Home owners and facilities managers thus have real-time information on electricity use and costs. By understanding where energy is being wasted, you can plug the leak, or have the system do it for you automatically. This data can also be used to check what the PHCN meter is billing you.

Energy Management

Control from Anywhere

One-touch smart buttons from your control device can turn off all lights, especially if everyone is leaving the house on holidays. Don’t worry about a very dark house, as soon as anyone enters the house, smart sensors turn on the lights and turn them off again when the room is unoccupied.

Energy Management

Energy consumption metering and data collection.

Home Energy Management

Analysis of meter and sensor data to find and quantify routine energy waste, thus locating opportunities to save energy in clearly quantifiable terms.

Home Energy Management

Taking action – target the opportunities to save energy by tackling the routine waste and replacing or upgrading inefficient equipment – best opportunities first.

Pool Automation

Tracking progress by analyzing your meter data to see how well energy-saving efforts have worked.

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