Emergency Lockdown Panic Alarm System (ELPAS)


Critical Response in Extreme Threat

Emergency Lockdown Panic Alarm System was developed in response to recent trends in global security such as the escalating incidents of shootings and kidnap in public
buildings – schools, churches, hotels, etc. – necessitating a reinvention of the traditional system into a modern, smart, instant detection and response system.

Emergency Lockdown Panic Alarm System
Panic Button

The system is designed with simple manual triggers and a complex brain and should be operated only in high emergency. When in an elevated emergency (such as can result in death, serious injury, or heavy damage to property) an authorized person triggers the system using simple triggers – Panic Push Buttons or a pre-authorized Smartphone. This sends a high panic signal to the electronic control unit (brain).

Emergency Lockdown Panic Alarm System (ELPAS) is designed to act on your behalf and in the best interest of you and your visitors safety at the most critical

How it works

Emergency Lockdown Infographic
Emergency Triggers

When the electronic control unit of ELPAS receives a trigger (from a digital or mechanical device or a smartphone), it instantaneously and simultaneously initiates a series of coordinated events:


Local alarm sounders (siren / strobe light) are activated;


All lifts / escalators, bollards and major doors are automatically locked down.


A pre-recorded emergency ( active shooter ) message with instruction is played repeatedly over the public address system.


All pre-programmed emergency response units (local and external) are notified via SMS, pre-recorded voice calls, emails, etc.


Notify the building’s occupants of threat via an Active Shooter SMS to their mobile phones, with necessary safety instructions.


Optionally, the power system can also shut off (immediately or after a set delay) if this is preevaluated as necessary.


The system serves live videos of your premises to external emergency personnel over the web.


ELPAS enters into a persistent notification mode, sending notifications continuously to emergency services until disabled.


Lockdown, once initiated, is non reversible, except with appropriate token input by an authorized person.
Emergency Lockdown Panic Notification
Emergency Lockdown Panic Alarm System
Active Shooter Notification

ELPAS is very secure and scalable, allowing you to test it out over a small area and scale up afterwards. It delivers world-class security and integrates seamlessly into your existing security infrastructure and BMS.

If the locks in your large facility – e.g your guestroom door locks, offices or classrooms – are networked, then the lockdown may be extended to include all doors, etc.

Because the ELPAS is so intelligent and modular, you can easily extend its functionality to other emergency scenario such as fire and gas with entirely different or similar actions.

ELPAS can be customized to fit into your unique environment. Three default modes are available based on the severity of the threat:

Yellow Panic Alert

Yellow Alert

Doors, Lifts/Escalators and bollards are locked but still permit access cards or other credentials; egress allowed.
Orange Panic Alert

Orange Alert

All Doors, Lifts/Escalators and bollards are locked; access denied to authorized cards or other credentials; egress still allowed.
Red Panic Alert

Red Alert

All Doors, Lifts/Escalators and bollards are locked; access denied to authorized cards or other credentials; egress denied, except via doors with crash bars or other mechanical exit devices.

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