Home Theater (Entertainment Center)

Experience the Thrill
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Home Theater is a great way to live or surpass the movie theatre experience at home. Home theaters (also, home cinema) are a great addition to your home automation project. We have several packages to fit every taste and budget.

Home Theater

Moviegoers have always known that a bigger screen makes for a more thrilling experience.

You can enjoy an even greater thrill with our carefully selected home theater packages – advanced receivers, crisp surround sound, motorized projector and projector screen without the imperfections of high- definition (2048 x 1080) resolution. Whichever package you choose, enjoy soul-quaking surround sound.

Enter 4k technology with stunning 4096 x 2160 resolution, detail is strikingly sharper, even on screen sizes up to 200 inches. The 4K difference is something you can literally feel, giving you a more lifelike, compelling, engaging movie experience.

The lights in the home theater automatically dim, blinds shut and the temperature regulated to a your preferred preset level once you turn on a movie.

Home Theater
Home Theater Projector Screen

We can help turn any aspect of your home into the ultimate entertainment center – by converting existing family room or setting up professionally designed home cinema. With fully integrated home theater controls, you are guaranteed a better and more rewarding entertainment experience than you can get in public cinemas.

Home Theater

Control from Anywhere

From your home cinema, you can still keep tabs on the goings-on in your home, and control your other media, intelligent lighting, curtains, temperature, etc. from a single interface.

Turn your spare room, basement, or garage into a unique home cinema.

Stream video from online sources.

Soul-shaking surround sound that fills your space and immerses you in the moment.

Incredible 120 – 250 inches viewing screens.

Control motorized screen, projector lifts and curtains.

Automated ambience for all media or entertainment scenario.

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